What We Do

  • Research and evaluation
  • Policy advice and guidance
  • Statistics and analysis
  • Developing and testing new approaches and innovation
  • Campaigns and advocacy
  • Events

How we work

We aim to maximise our impact and reach through the quality of our work and by working in partnership. That is underpinned by:

  • A fundamental commitment to equality and diversity: We will seek to understand, challenge and address inequalities in access to and achievement in learning and work.
  • Strong leadership: Our Trustees and senior staff need a wide spread of skills and experience as well as allowing for the diversity of voices that our work encompasses.
  • Professional and skilled team: We need a strong and thriving team with experience, credibility and relationships across all of our priorities.
  • Partnership: We will build strong relationships with a wide range of supporters and partners, including working with international networks, to inform our work.
  • Secure and diverse funding: We will be clear about the work we want to carry out, the costs involved and the funders and partners we aim to work with.
  • Clear measurement of impact: We will build clear measurements of the impact we want to achieve into our work, aiming to maximise its collective impact.